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Amorphous alloy

Liquid metal has good strength, high hardness, and net shaping capability. Liquid metal can be widely used in wearable products, SIM card cover, hinge and other fields.

CE parts

After more than 20 years of production and operation, Eontec has a mature 3C production chain and molding technology, the main consumer products are mobile phone accessories, camera parts and LED accessories, etc.

Notebook parts

With the continuous improvement of production capacity in Eontec, in the notebook project has also made great progress.  We provide thin-walled, lightweight, anti-collided solution. The thinnest wall thickness can meet 0.45mm.


Eontec is good at building structural parts with tight tolerances. This is the main reason that our auto customers (mainly in Europe andUnited States) like to work with us. The typical big part -- car door frame, is produced in 4000T die casting machine which is one of the world's biggest die casting machine. We are able to control the flatness and tight tolerances even though the part is as thin as 2mm.

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